Getting traffic to your website is hard enough and hence it is very important that you get the most out of whatever you can get. You can set it up with the right hosting company, as well as use NordVPN coupon codes for optimal security, but in the end you need your website visitors to convert.

The best way of getting more value from your visitors is to increase your conversions. Thankfully there are tons of plugins that you can use to improve your conversion rates. Ranging from plugins that would increase the speed of your website to those that would make it easier to monitor what the visitors are doing on your website, there is a plugin for virtually any conversion objective. The following are some of the best WordPress plugins to increase conversions on your website:


Leads are central to conversion efforts and OptinMonster makes it easy to optimize email lists on WordPress websites. Especially if you set up your website’s hosting using a GoDaddy coupon. With OptinMonster you get to significantly boost conversions as it makes it possible to:
1.Utilize a range of forms that you can use to collect contact data
2.Several templates that you can use to gather information and data about your audience
3.Integration with email providers such as Constant Contact and Campaign Monitor where you can get analytics data
4.Custom sidebars and forms which increases the opportunities for converting users into clients

WordPress Local SEO:

WordPress Local SEO helps you to improve conversions on local websites. It provides a step by step guide on how to do local SEO to can help your website rank higher. It comes with keyword research tools, competitor keyword spy tools, and keyword effectiveness index, which are instrumental in selecting the best keywords you can easily rank and make money from. Other tools it provides includes landing page optimizations tools, web analytics, social engagement analytics and web analytics that you can use to determine the best strategies for enhancing conversions.

Kissmetrics Plugin:

One of the best conversion tools, it makes it possible for you to get answers on the most important happenings on your website. First, it makes it possible to determine the types of features that visitors love best, the reasons for customer cancellations outreach programs that produce the most ROI, and your most valuable clients. With the Kissmetrics plugin you can gain the following benefits:
1.Track prospects and customers across platforms
2.Stem cart abandonment by identifying where clients are quitting
3.Provide real-time responses to visitors
4.Optimize website interactions


Optimizely is all about better user experience which is critical in driving conversions. Optimizely makes it possible to run experiments that allow you to collect data that you can then use to improve user experience on your website. The good thing about Optimizely is that you can set up and run experiments without having to log into the website. You can create A/B test for different aspects of the website including CTAs, headlines and any other component of the website. Moreover, it also integrates with heat map plugins to provide a better perspective of the user behavior and activity on your website. By improving the user experience, you can get users to stay on the site longer which improves the odds of conversion.

Yoast SEO:

One of the most popular if not the most popular plugins for WordPress websites. The plugin not only improves SEO but also enhances conversion rates by increasing click-through rates. The plugin makes suggestions and recommendations in your content to enhance readability, which can significantly boost conversions. Yoast SEO provides recommendations on aspects such as:

  • 1.Key phrase or keyword density
  • 2.Meta descriptions
  • 3.Optimal title lengths
  • 4.Meta descriptions among many others

WordPress Calls to Action:

Calls to action are an important component of conversions and hence they need to be optimized if they are to be successful. WordPress Calls to Action Plugin provides you with the tools to create enthralling CTAs. The plugin also provides you with the ability to monitor and track conversion rates and conduct a/b split tests on the CTAs so that you can increase the conversion rates. Among its conversion boosting features include cloning options, popups for CTA, and visual editors among others.

Custom Sidebars:

Design and the appearance of the website plays a huge role in increasing conversions. WordPress does not allow you to customize your sidebars, which means you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Custom Sidebars is a plugin that allows you to customize a sidebar for each page. With customization options, you can make a more relevant sidebar with aspects such as more attractive CTAs and links to important landing pages to drive conversions.

Wrapping Up:

There are tons of plugins out there that you can use to enhance the conversion rates on your website. However, the plugin that will work best for your website will depend on your needs. You definitely do not need to implement all of them but installing a few of them should give you a significant boost not only in your conversions but could also improve your SEO. The improvements can thus be a self-perpetuating cycle that will provide the fire for your SEO and conversions thus making it possible to achieve your objectives.