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YouTube for Business: Five Tips to Grow Your Business With Video Marketing

Online marketing today offers small businesses an effective way to compete with larger companies at reasonable costs. Among the many opportunities for businesses to present themselves to a large audience online, YouTube is one of the best. Using the world’s largest video hosting site, businesses can present their products and services to engaged viewers and drive sales day and night. Here are four of the best tips for achieving success with YouTube marketing.

1. Give out Free Coupon Codes to Add Value:

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2. Make Your Content Engaging

Easily the most common mistake business owners make when creating their first few YouTube videos is to think of them like traditional video advertisements. While you should be trying to inform your customer about your products, you shouldn’t treat your YouTube videos like television commercials. If you do, no one will want to watch them and you’ll get minimal engagement. Instead, promote your products or services by teaching viewers something about your niche. If, for example, your business sells gardening tools, you might make a video showing viewers how to plant various crops. Mention your business, but don’t make your entire video an ad for it. If you can make your content humorous or entertaining, it will also help with viewer engagement.

3. Use YouTube SEO to Your Advantage

Although many businesses are already using YouTube for marketing purposes, many of them are lax in their video SEO. Like any other search engine, YouTube ranks videos according to their relevance to certain search terms. Many video creators, however, don’t properly optimize their videos to increase their rankings. Decide what main search term you want to rank for and include it in the title of your video, as well as in the first and last paragraphs of your video description and as your first video tag. In the rest of your description and tags, include other search terms relevant to your video. By doing even such basic SEO, you’ll be putting yourself well ahead of the pack.

4. Give People a Reason to Subscribe

Perhaps the most powerful element of YouTube marketing is the fact that viewers who like your content can subscribe to your channel to see more of it. By bringing viewers back over and over again, you can expose them to your brand multiple times and increase the chance that they will buy your products. Getting people to subscribe is as easy as directly asking them to do so in your videos, but you can also incentivize them by talking about future videos you have planned that they may want to see.

YouTube is one of the best traffic sources for businesses, so make sure you leverage that traffic properly. Send viewers to your website and product pages, of course, but also give them more opportunities to engage with your brand. Provide viewers with links to your social media accounts or email list sign-up page so that they can receive updates from your business in the future. By doing this, you can build engagement over time and give people multiple opportunities to convert into paying customers.

If used properly, YouTube is perhaps the most powerful marketing tool available right now. Engaging video content delivered on a regular basis will almost certainly produce strong results in both traffic and sales. If you want to take your business marketing strategy to the next level, consider joining the many businesses that are already using YouTube to reach new customers.